Trails Have Diverged

She’s leaving. She’s moving away to a different country and I miss her, greatly.

I have enjoyed, immensely, our monthly breakfast meetings where we could chat about anything and everything. There was no pretense, no presumption, and no motive other than to just be in her company (and her in mine).

It was (and is) a friendship that had depth but that didn’t require much work. In fact, that’s what was so brilliant about it as we just met at our scheduled time, once a month, and it was the perfect prescription.

We didn’t call each other or text or instant message through any services; we just met, physically and consistently. It was one of those meetings that you gladly attended and one that you would wake up excited to meet.

We didn’t share any similar friendships or circle of friends and we were in very different places in our lives. I, married with children and her, single and recovering from a hard but necessary long-term breakup. She worked for a large company while I built my own.

I mean, honestly, the only thing we shared in common was our age. And the fact that we genuinely cared about each other’s health and well-being and that we agreed to meet regularly.

I feel so grateful for her as she taught me that friendships do not have to be intricate and complex things – sometimes they can be as simple as a promise to meet and a date blocked out on a calendar.

We were travelers on the same winding road for a season and then, now, those trails have diverged. Goodbye my friend.