A Trim Blog is a Useful Blog

I am obsessed with speed and performance in pretty much every area of my life — this isn’t always a good thing.

My current plugin(s).

But, it is a great thing when it comes to blogging; one should endeavor to have the fastest experience for your customers (i.e. readers) possible.

Thankfully, the core WordPress installation package is… as optimized as it gets and is, generally-speaking, performant enough out-of-the-box.

(There are, always, arguments for trimming core down, but, that’s always an active conversation. I don’t contribute to the project anymore so I don’t get a vote.)

And you honestly don’t need many plugins at all to do what you came to do in the first place: Write and publish content to the web.

Most folks over-engineer and over-optimize their (WordPress) blog before they even have a respectable portfolio of publish work! Kind of backwards, don’t you think?

I’ve been publishing blog content every day for quite a while and the amount of plugins that are active continually decrease every year. There are a number of technical reasons why I’ve made this continuous decision, but, it really doesn’t matter so I won’t bore you with the details.

What I can say, definitively, is this: Writing is hard enough. Removing distractions helps you focus on the real task at-hand.

More folks mess around with the backend of their blog than actually writing — if this comment stings then you’re guilty of it and you need to stop it and get back to the point of a blog.

If not, then, quit. Quitting is okay too. I’m a serial quitter. And quitting doesn’t mean that you’re headed in the wrong direction, it just means you’ve said “No” to one thing so that you can say “Yes” to many more.

A “trim” blog is a useful blog and it’s ready to be used.