Truly, Alive.

Tim H, Tim K, Petakun, Chris, Sehoon, Me
Backdrop courtesy of “Mr. Johnny Walker.”

Project: XANGA

Dude.  Life is great.  The Death and Resurrection of our Almighty God in Jesus Christ, thus forsaking all sin and evil in this world and in my defense against Pure Justice so that I may stand blameless and faultless before an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Judge and be given freely, on no account or reserve of my own, life in abundance; infinite life with Purest Joy and Love for all Eternity.  I mean, comon.  What more could I ever want or need?  And, it all happened in 3 days.  Good God.  Good Friday.  Resurrection Sunday.  And, well, KUSA Semi-Formal Saturday.  Haha. 

There is something wonderful about Christian brothers just having a good time together, as well as the wonderful Christian sisters that could only add more fun and more enjoyment to a night.  What separates those that are in ignorance and under the law and those that are under Grace?  It is freedom.  Freedom to be whoever God has made you to be.  It was rather evident last night, as all walls of pride were destroyed amongst our group.  Who really cares if people thought we were silly, dancing the way we do?  To who are we slaves of?  Men, or of Our God?  Ah, dance, and I will be more undignified than this my God!  For You have set us free from shame and guilt and of condemnation and criticism from men and of worldly standards.  It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, as Paul says in Galatians 5.

And, I have tasted that freedom that is given to those who believe.  And, believe me, it tastes so good.  Again, I realized a wonderful truth.  An attractive woman is one who has neither pride nor shame.  Not when she is in her room when no one is looking, but when in public and when all eyes are focused upon her.  An attractive woman is one who is beautiful because she knows that God has made her that way and not because Revlon, Avon, or Sephora tell her that she is IF she does this or that; wears this or that on her face, or because Gucci and Armani tell her that she has to wear that dress with those shoes; and, Oh God, this is the worst, because men have a standard that needs to be met.  The sisters that I have the pleasure of accompanying saturday night were ones who did not consider those things of this world, but things of the Divine.  Freedom in action, literally.

But, more importantly, above all things considered, this freedom, that we exuberantly choose to live and partake in, and give back to the Father in blessed fun, Glorified God.  It most certaintly Glorified God.  It wasn’t just self-serving.  Why…?

Because, as Saint Irnaeus once said:          “The Glory of God is man fully alive.”

God, I love that statement.  Do you understand what that means?  Think for a second upon this suggestion.  We were made in God’s most perfect image, fearfully and wonderfully made.  We were fashioned as living icons of the bravest, wisest, and most stunning Person who ever lived.  That Glory was shared with us, as as Chesterton says, we were like ‘statues of God walking about in a Garden.’

His happiness is somehow tied, intrinsically, intimately, with our happiness as His children.  We once shared that Glory, as Adam and Eve were created in the beginning.  And all was right in the world and God’s Glory was shown in complete perfection as man walked in His Garden with a humble pride in His Heavenly Father.  And, truly, the Glory of God was shown in a man, and woman, who were fully alive.

Sin, of course, seperated us terribly from His Glory.  We were no longer fully alive.

Yet, last night, knowing of my own salvation and of the Grace and Mercy given unto me and my fellow brothers and sisters dancing crazilly away, I believed, once again, that I, myself, and my fellow soldiers of Christ were fully alive.  I dared believe, if but for a moment, that fun and fellowship, thru the Grace of God and His Divine Love, had again been established.  That thru the blood of Christ alone, our salvation and freedom was given, so that again, God could present us and make us fully alive, so that His Glory, which was once shared, then lost, and then restored again thru His Son’s Sacrifice could be displayed, not to others, but to our own hearts. 

And I felt Joy…  And, it felt good.

And, I know, that my Faith is not based upon feelings alone.  Feelings are decietful and worldly sometimes.  But, it was a mere nod of the head, an acknowledgement to my Father that, yes, God, my God, between Death and Life, between Calvary and the Grave, that all things were in great accordance with Divine Will and Control, and that I might, if I could venture to believe…  well, to just believe.  And, oh Father, help me with my disbelief.

And, so, we danced the night away.  I lost my pants, literally, and I also knocked myself out with a punch to my own face.  Don’t ask me how.  It’s not a long story.  I simply punched myself.  And, it hurt… alot.

But, it was a wonderful night.  Thanks to my brothers and sisters in Christ for making it an enjoyable night, where freedom could be displayed in dance.  Some of you are just out of control, and that’s alllllllllllllllllllll good.

Praise God.  You know why?  Cause I get to do it all over again tonight.

Truly, Jesus is Alive.