I Do Not Respect You

My wife first shared this with me and, after reading it a few times over, I have to agree with Gabrielle Blair has shared:

It makes me sick to my stomach that you, a Trump supporter, ever read or watch or listen to anything I’ve created. This is true even if I know you in real life.

I see what you are trying to do. You want me to treat you like a decent human being. But you are not behaving like a decent human being.

A decent person doesn’t align themself with people who are proudly racist and who insist America doesn’t have a racism problem.

A decent person doesn’t align themself with people who believe viral right-wing stories on Facebook over trained journalists, who think Q is real, who think the pandemic is fake, who think the earth is flat.

You want to vote for Trump and experience no negative consequences.

But that’s not an option.

One of the consequences of your actions? I do not respect you.

via Design Mom

Say it like you mean it.

So, what does this really mean? It may mean that some of you may feel like unsubscribing to this blog and / or “canceling” me in a variety of simple ways, like unfollowing me on blocking me — please, go right ahead.

Many, many years from now, I may have a very different perspective on all of this but, for now, if you’re plainly a fan of Trump and all the vile and evil that he is and represents, then, it’s going to be hard to be friends.

Why? Because I simply can’t respect you… and now, you may not respect me.