Trusting Yourself


I once thought that trusting yourself was really good medicine. Over time I’ve come to realize that I have more blind spots than I care to admit or can possibly imagine.

The thing with blind spots is that you are completely blind to them (duh). The problem is that we think we know that they are there but if they are truly blind spots we do not actually know that those things, issues, or problems exist.

We just know that we have them and that the spots exist, yet the content or things within are hidden.

Finding great people to help us diagnose, identify, and encounter the blind spots is crucial, both in our personal and professional lives. Oftentimes (and unfortunately) we do not engage with them until they have made a complete mess of us.

Trust yourself on the things that you know to be true, the things that you have vetted and have been tested thoroughly. Everything else… get some help, get a partner, key in your spouse, friends, and significant others.

Admit that you don’t have it figured out and everyone wins.