Giveaway: Tentblogger T-Shirts by ooShirts!

Yes, it’s true. I had a few custom Tentblogger t-shirts made via my friends over at ooShirts!

Sam, one of the ooShirts staffers dropped me a line about their rapidly-growing customized apparel company out of Berkley, California. They are a startup that wants to provide the best quality product at the lowest price, and to make sure the ordering process is fun and easy.

Heck, I love nearly anything that is both fun¬†and easy…! And apparently we have a few Tentblogger (or at least fans) in their office who suggested that they hook up some of our community with some sweet loot!

So they sent me a Small, Medium, and Large and I’ll be giving away all three of them to three lucky people! Swwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeet!

Sweet custom tshirt awesomeness!

Oh yeah. It’s just a shirt with a big Tentblogger toast on it… but who cares, it’s dope yo!

If you’d like one just do the following:

  • Comment below with your tshirt size.
  • Promise to wear the shirt, in public, and take a picture of you with it on… yes, in public.
  • Send the pictures to me and agree to seeing it on the (wait for it… … … …) blog.

Shout out to ooShirts for the kind hookup!