Tweetbot 3 for Twitter

I’ve been using Tweetbot for a loooooong time. Both the macOS and iOS versions are, in my humble opinion, the best Twitter clients available today.

I’ve loved using them and have faithfully purchased upgrades every time they drop something new as I have no qualms with paying for good software.

But… Tweetbot 3 for macOS was the first time that they released something that was practically useless for me. In other words, it was a major step back and “broke” a ton of natural and native workflows.

No bueno.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one and so they added this notice to some subsequent updates:

Tweetbot 3… didn’t go over so well.

Tweetbot is a complex app and as part of 3.0 we took the opportunity to simplify a number of things. This worked well but we took away a handful of options some people depended on. We are working on bringing back some of the most popular aspects of Tweetbot 2.

That’s good, because Tweetbot 2 is amazing and it’s what I’m still using until Tweetbot 3 makes some of those updates.

The point of this post is three-fold:

  1. I love the product so much that I’m willing to write about it. Opinionated users are good users, for the most part. My failure, though, is that I’m not actually sharing anything useful for the team so I admit that I’m being a bit lazy here.
  2. Putting together good software is hard. Launching great software is damn near impossible. But, it’s worth the effort.
  3. User testing is important. Who’s to know if they would have captured these issues before launch with more user testing but it is a visceral reminder that getting customer feedback is important for significant upgrades and iterations.

I’m still a fan and will continue to use Tweetbot as long as there’s a Twitter… I guess.