Twenty Fifteen Theme

The next version of WordPress (v4.1) isn’t quite out yet but I decided that I couldn’t wait because I wanted to desperately try out the new Twenty Fifteen Theme¬†which is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m currently running the theme live on this blog but you can, of course, see the official demo here.

This theme isn’t entirely different than my previous aesthetic look because it also has a left sidebar with a focus on the content on the right. In many ways this new yearly theme is even more trim than my previous look and I’m thankful for that.

Over the years I’ve opted to reduce the clutter and the noise and to really highlight the content first and foremost. And this theme is 1,000% better than the Twenty Fourteen theme that was a really strange design and not universally well-received as previous themes have been. I didn’t find a single installation in my WordPress universe for it – it just never worked for me in the slightest.

If you’re not keen on running a potentially buggy Release Candidate then all you have to do is wait a few more days for WP 4.1 to release. It’s going to be another great one and bravo to the team that has worked hard on shipping it to the public.

And thank you for moving back to the blogging “roots” with this Twenty Fifteen theme – I love it, right out of the box with zero customization. Bingo.