Consolidating, Combining Twitter Accounts, Management, and Brand

[tentblogger-vimeo 20306791]

[Apologize for some of the “strange” background noise!]

I’ve been asked this question multiple times since I swapped @Human3rror for @TentBlogger permanently and I’ve decided that I’d do a video post on it. Here are some nuggets for those that are scanning:


  1. Simplify your life with one Twitter account!
  2. Time management! Thank goodness for one account!
  3. A stronger and more cohesive/consistent brand with one Twitter account!
  4. It just made “sense” as it relates to who I am and what I do online.
  5. It felt very sustainable since I’ve been doing it for 10+ years and will continue to be a TentBlogger!
  6. Think “personality” and not “property” unless they are already the same.

Context, of course, rules the day here and this advice will not necessarily work for everyone so take it for what you will.

Good luck!

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