What is Your Twitter Story? What is Your Twitter Brand?

If you haven’t figured it out quite yet then let me be quite frank: There is a significant and compelling reason to have and use Twitter and that reason is traffic.

Twitter can be a powerful tool!

Historically, I’ve seen Twitter bring up to 20% of the monthly traffic to a blog! That’s 1 out of 5 visits! You can’t ignore that, not even for a second.

Over the course of many years of blogging Twitter brings about 13% of my monthly traffic to most of my blogs while it’s hovering around 8% right now for TentBlogger.com.

So why is it so important? Because traffic is an important part of your ability to make money via your blog (but you knew that already, right?).

But never overestimate the need for traffic and don’t bank on it as the sole metric for succces!

Your Twitter Story and Brand

So here’s the challenge: Tell me your story in 140 characters or less!

The point of this exercise is three-fold:

  1. Can you adequately capture your “story” succinctly?
  2. Can you boil your brand down into it’s lowest denominator?
  3. Can you communicate it simply?

If you can, then share it in the comments! The better you can communicate your story the easier it will be to propagate to your readers and beyond!

Here’s mine:

I am a Professional Blogger who loves to teach others to blog better and make an income through their blogging efforts.

Mine is 119 chars! What’s yours?