A Twitter Break

I thought that I would have some wise words of wisdom or a long-form explanation as to why I’m taking a break from social media/social networking but I don’t. I don’t have a “platform” that I’m posing or am I being prescriptive or dogmatic with my decision. This isn’t even an “offline” versus “online” thing either. It just… is.

I’m just tired of it all to be honest. They all seems so… bleh.

And “they” is not really that appropriate as I only have one major social media application that gets my time and attention: Twitter.

All the rest I have either abandoned completely by outright deleting the accounts or they lie utterly dormant or strictly utilitarian, like Facebook, which requires that I still have an account so that I can develop on top of their system which is an unfortunate requirement as I really do hate that social network.

Consequently, I’ll be “taking a break” from Twitter. To be more specific, I’ll be taking a break from my own personal account (@Saddington) which takes up the majority of my time in the so-called “social space” – I won’t be tweeting or even signing in to “stay in the loop” – I’ll be deleting those accounts from my devices and systems.

Am I replacing it with something? No, not really. Do I have some grandiose plans of “filling the void” and doing something “super spiritual”‘ with myself? Nope, not really. Instead, I’ll be just detoxing a bit.

I will continue to write here daily (as well as the Pressgram Blog) and I’ll be monitoring and responding to @Pressgram‘s twitter stream as well since it acts very much as a support channel. I will also be using my Pressgram account daily as well (@John).

I’ll be honest – I was over Twitter years ago and yet I’ve kept up with it because it was a powerful branding, marketing, and business development tool for me. And if I have any “drum” to beat it’s really just a personal one – I hate the idea of being controlled by an application to the point where I feel so dependent on it for my own success. Again, this isn’t a “above the influence” thing at all – I just like being in control (don’t we all?).

I’m not sure exactly what will happen and I’m not sure when I’ll come back to it as I don’t have a scheduled time period or sabbatical planned – it’ll be organic like most of the things that I do.

Okay… this blog post is already too long for my own liking. See you guys around.


Here’s my retrospective on the first week of being logged off of Twitter.