Using Twitter for Comments

A simple implementation...

A simple implementation…

A few days ago I shared that I was fatigued and tired of Twitter. To be honest, I was very close to turning the whole thing off and leaving it all behind; I still may end up doing that in the near future but for now I’ve decided to remain.

At the very least though I wanted to give it another shot and as such I wanted to change my use of it in a way that might make it more delightful and more utilitarian. In essence, I want to try something new with it so that I can “refresh” my perspective on it as a functional and worthwhile tool.

Hence, I doing something new on this blog of mine as a result of this new Twitter-ish experiment and I’ve turned off comments throughout the entire blog and instead am going to focus on using Twitter as a form of communication for the posts that I publish.

The implementation is super-easy mostly because I’m tired right now of hacking WordPress and I’m not currently in the mood to create a one-off plugin. So I just copied and pasted some code from Twitter directly (their Twitter buttons) and inserted it in the single.php file.

Voila. You’ll see the “interactivity” at the bottom of each post. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing stylized or custom.

We’ll see how it goes. Perhaps it’ll entice me to stay on Twitter for the time being or maybe not. Perhaps I will miss the explicit comment layer to the blog or… perhaps not. We’ll see, shall we?

Another random thought that I had is about blog comments in general – they haven’t changed much over the years, have they? It makes me wonder if it’s time for someone to create a new system of engagement…