Twitter Depresses Me

I’ve been feeling this way for a bit of time and so I know it’s probably about time to do something about it. Historically I’ve just straight-up and quit (like here) but that’s probably not the best answer and it doesn’t feel quite right this time (I eventually came back… again…).

And, taking a break doesn’t feel good either – I’ve done that a few times as well. I think it just might be time to clean out the list of those that I follow and think through my “strategy” for that.

And calling it a “strategy” would be a very generous word. I’ve never really had a strategy in regards to Twitter and I don’t plan on having one at this point in time.

But, in general, Twitter has just become super-depressing. I think it’s probably the state of what’s been going in and around our world, especially politically. And these topics are so prevalent and so ubiquitous that you can’t escape it.

So even the folks that I follow are sharing content that, in aggregate, are just depressing. I scroll endlessly scanning content that captures snippets of how the world is headed to hell.

Sure, it’s my decision (i.e. my fault) for following these folks and it’s not that they’re doing anything bad and I’m not owed anything in particular, but, it’s also my decision to continue to follow them and feed my brain with garbage.

Again, I followed them because they were relevant to me but the world is (currently) in a tailspin and I’ve about had it with the negative noise. Perhaps I could just wait it out and things would return to “normal” at some point, but, I have no idea if that’s going to be tomorrow or in 4 years…

Argh. Of all of the things that I burn mental cycles on, this is really not worth any of them. Sigh.

Bottom-line is that… Twitter depresses me and I need to do something about that.