Twitter: Don’t Call it a Comeback…

6 months ago I quit Twitter and a lot has changed since then (which is about right for my life) and, to be honest, it’s been awesome living without Twitter for my own personal use.

But since I view Twitter, like so many other web services, as strictly utilitarian (it was once pretty “cool” and “hip” and very,¬†very personal and intimate… I know, right…) I’m always open to reassessing the said utility and usefulness of such things.

A good example is my love-hate relationship with LinkedIn, which I have historically checked¬†once a month but have since upped my engagement simply because I’ve been needing to change and update things on the service a bit more.

So, this post, which was at one point pretty long and somewhat rambling about my justifications of taking another shot at Twitter (@Saddington) has now been pared down to a few, more simple thoughts (all 140 chars or less):

  1. I know Twitter’s utility intimately and profoundly. Capitalizing on it again considering some recent professional changes makes sense.
  2. I have a decent-sized following who I can still engage and conversate with. It tickles me to do it again.
  3. Twitter is still “a thing” and a networking powerhouse, and that’s the name of the game in SFO, among many things. Peer pressure? Sure…
  4. I like to share pictures. I even built an Kickstarter-backed image-sharing iOS app and raised venture for it. So, I’ll enjoy that again.
  5. Twitter is pretty fun to use. So, why not.

I don’t feel bad about changing my mind about these types of things (in fact it’s kind of a good thing). I’ll probably change it again too. But, for now, I think I’ll give it another spin, so don’t be a stranger now…!

Oh, I guess that sounds like a “comeback”…

via LL Cool J:

Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years…

True, true.