The Best iPhone Twitter App

the tweetbot logo and iconA few people have asked me what my favorite Twitter App for the iPhone is and the answer is simple: TweetBot.

I have been completely sold-out to this paid application (currently $1.99) after I first installed it and haven’t looked back.

Trust me when I say that I’ve tried all of the most popular iPhone-related Twitter apps and many of the lesser-known ones as well and I’ve found TweetBot to be more than satisfactory.

That being said I strongly suggest that you find one that works for you and not all Twitter Apps are created equal – you might have some very specific needs that TweetBot can’t (and won’t) address and so find the right one that works for you so that you can be the most effective.

But perhaps I might convince you today to spend $2 that you weren’t planning on spending today. Sorry! Just skip that afternoon coffee run, right?

Here’s a look at why I love it and how I use it:

I particularly like the icon and logo for TweetBot.

As you can see it sits squarely on my homescreen and I give it a lot of love!

The first thing that I love is how slick the interface is. I’m partial to blacks, grays, and whites in my applications so this touched my heart!

The Settings are robust and is just what you need to specify certain aspects of your experience:

One of the neat things that I really like is the Sounds. I really like the little “clicks” that this app produces when I use it to help me audibly hear the updates and notifications. I rarely enable sounds on my apps but I like this one.

I also like the Triple Tap feature which I have customized to Retweet. There are a lot of individual function customizations that Tweetbot enables you to do.

Here’s a look at the individual settings for each account:

One of the killer features is that they have integration with CloudApp, which I absolutely adore.

You can see the settings for CloudApp here for videos and images:

Check this out – I just posted a tweet using TweetBot with CloudApp integration:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/tentblogger/status/73417107215364096″]


And here you can see it in my CloudApp dashboard:

Done and done.

Adding an Account is easy and seamless as well.

A beautiful UI, right?

You can move your accounts in your dashboard around easily as well:

The next series of images will showcase how pretty the general interface is.

So hawt!

One of the neat things is that you can define which List you want to show by default, both private and public. I’ve created a Private List called “Love” which I show by default which shows me a particular number of users that want to make sure I see (like my wife and two daughters!).

Or you could just see the regular Timeline:

The blue colors at the bottom show new tweets relative to the timeline and/or list, mentions, and direct messages. Sometimes when you come back after some time it’ll load up the most recent tweets but you do have the ability to see historical ones with a little click of the blue “plus” button here:

Marking all tweets as being read is easy as double-clicking:

Now take a look at all the features that are enabled at the tweet-level and the profile options:

Clicking on a tweet as seen above drops down some options. You can reply, retweet, star, and even look into other options as well:

I email myself tweets all the time and it works like a charm.

Creating a new tweet is just as easy and you have options to add tags, mentions for other twitter users, and media:

Now here’s a look at some of the options related to your own personal account:

You can easily look at your own tweets and even edit your own profile from the app directly:

You can see where you’re Listed, who you are following, and managing other users that you’re following. You can delete old tweets or just manage tweets like you normally would from the timeline:

I even like the loading screen background!

Finally, I really like how you can customize the last two buttons on the bottom bar where you can choose what you’d like those buttons to do for you:

You can have the button be to look at your starred tweets, search, lists, profile, or retweet!

Finally, here’s a video of it in action:

[tentblogger-vimeo 24226951]

And that’s about it. It’s a beautifully-designed iPhone app and is very intuitive. Manage multiple accounts with ease and it’s quick.

Get TweetBot here! So, what app do you use for your mobile device? Why?