Experimenting with Twitter Video


So, I’m looking at experimenting with Twitter’s new video feature… and I’m thinking about how it could provide a quick peak into my daily world as I work on Desk.

Is that weird? Or cool? Or just plain dumb?

Twitter has played an interesting role in my digital life over the years and I recently quit my personal account because it was just getting a bit out-of-hand, for lack of better terms.

But I obviously still use it for Desk and so far I’ve used it primarily for 3 important things:

  1. Tweet blog posts and interesting Community Forum posts.
  2. Retweet stories from our community or other neat tweets.
  3. Provide general “support” for potential customers who are confused or who want to ask questions about the app.

But if I were to start using Twitter Video it feels as if I’m venturing into a fourth category, one where I’m showing some “behind the scenes” or “candid live shots” of what’s going on or what I’m thinking about or… anything else for that matter.

What I don’t want @DeskPM to become is something essentially the same as my retired personal account. I don’t actually think this will happen but it’s a worthwhile conversation to have, at least with myself, as I spend a few moments of my time daily tweeting it up with the growing community.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.