The Next Yahoo!

I haven’t read any commentaries on the new and recent Twitter change regarding the increase of characters per tweet (140 chars to now 280 chars) but I already have an opinion.

And… that doesn’t mean that my opinion is very good, but, I share a few candid thoughts this morning via my vlog here.

I thought that I’d have more to write and say about this particular topic but I’ve been staring at this draft for quite some time and have written and re-written a bunch of different things in the past 10 minutes, which, is already far too much time to give to such a small topic.

Perhaps that is the point.

Obviously, I’m negatively biased against Twitter already having formally quit from the service and have enjoyed a life without Twitter for quite some time now.

Trust me when I say that life is indubitably better without it, especially after having removed it from my phone. It did take a few weeks to get over the muscle memory of wanting to check it and, if I’m to be honest, I was quite alarmed at how strong that muscle and cognitive reflex really was.

It is a useless drug and does not outperform most apps when it comes to sharing information, retrieving information, “building relationship” (if you can call it that), and many of the other justifications that folks have shared with me about why they still use the thing.

Twitter is shit and this recent move to elongate the characters allowed is a visceral and tangible showcase of how much Twitter had already lost its way.

To be honest, the soul of Twitter was lost years ago… I suppose it’s just taken folks a while to realize that it’s been gone for quite some time. Twitter could have been something fantastic but I’m afraid it is the next Yahoo!.