TwitterFeed: Auto-Tweet Posts via Custom URL Shortener ( Pro)

What service do you use?

One of the neat tricks that I use to auto-tweet out blog posts using a custom URL shortener (I use Pro, read more here) is using a simple service called TwitterFeed.

Here are some reasons I really like this service:

  1. It integrates with Twitter really well.
  2. It uses my customer url shortener (duh!).
  3. It provides native statistics/metrics for the amount of clicks through the link. I like that.
  4. It allows you to customize some of the tweet settings and copy used in the tweet.
  5. You can use it for multiple blogs and feeds.
  6. It just works. For me, using it and having it not break for the last 2 years has been one of the biggest selling points. I simply don’t have time to work with systems that don’t work, right?

Setting it up is actually really simple and in a few minutes you’ll be auto-tweeting your new blog posts via Twitter (and your custom URL shortener) in no time!

Check it out:

1. Sign up to TwitterFeed

Just head over to and sign up! Once you’re done you’ll see your big dashboard:

As you can see I use TwitterFeed for more than just one of the blogs that I manage!

2. Sign up For (and then Pro)

If you haven’t already you’ll want to sign up for and then setup your Pro Custom URL next.

It’s simple and you can follow my steps here.

3. Setup Your First Feed

Alright! Go for it and create your first feed. Input the “Feed Name” and then insert your RSS Feed URL. Try to use your FeedBurner URL if you can. If you don’t have FeedBurner you’re going to want to get that as well.

Then hit the “Advanced Settings” in the bottom left.

4. Add Advanced Settings for Pro

In the advanced settings you’ll be able to adjust some of the settings of TwitterFeed including the update frequency, whether it’ll tweet the title and/or description, as well as the service you want to shorten the link with.

Choose and then put in your API Login and API Key. You can find these in your account seen here:

Put those in and hit next!

5. Setup Twitter to Tweet and Authenticate

Next you’ll want to choose Twitter from the available services and then walk through the authentication process:

And then that’s it!

So What Happens Next?

What this service will do is check your RSS Feed for new content as determined by your settings in TwitterFeed. When it does detect it’ll auto tweet out that link with your chosen URL Shortener.

It’ll look like this (as you can see, I’m using as my customer URL):

All those links... with my sweet custom URL!

And that’s it!

Of course, there are many other options for auto-tweeting out your content to Twitter, Facebook, and the many other social web services that you might use. This is just one implementation that has worked really well for me.

Finally, I do not use TwitterFeed for TentBlogger currently because have a unique system I’ve created here that I’m working to integrate better with TwitterFeed. It’s not ready yet, so that’s fine, but wanted you to know that for full disclosure!  But, I use it on 11 other blogs!

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