Because I’m spending more time communicating these days (in new and exciting ways) it’s motivated me to tighten up everything I do around that particular skill.

This means that I am, among many things, spending time to review material that I have on my bookshelf and in my personal notes about becoming a better communicator (I’ve had some awesome teachers and mentors throughout my life!).

One particular set of notes stood out as a top-end reminder about how I can be the very best when it comes to communicating information to an audience, even if that audience is an audience of one or an audience of a thousand.

Two things / questions to remember, to isolate, to refine, and to focus on when you’re gearing up to communicate something:

  1. What is the one thing I want my audience to know?
  2. What do I want them to do about it?

That one thing is super-important. In a world that’s drowning in “Top 10” listicles it pays to be succinct and short. In fact, retention and recall is vastly improved when you focus on less things rather than more.


One final note and aphorism that I reviewed yesterday was also super-impactful:

Our approach to communicating should be shaped by our goal in communicating.

Just think about how well (or how poorly) we can communicate when we do not consider our approach based on the end goal that we have in mind! If we were all to do a better job of connecting these two elements in our communication styles I imagine that we’d all be better off and see more success.

If my goal is to understand then perhaps my approach to communication and communicating in a particular instance may actually require me to say little (if anything) at all.