What Type of Apps Do Indie Devs Work On?

via Wiselike:

What types of apps do indie developers work on? Are indie developers limited at all as to the projects which they can successfully work on? If so, what types and why?

Here’s my response:

There is no right or wrong indie project, as far as I’m concerned. You can work on whatever you’d like as that’s kind of the nice thing about working on “individual” projects – there’s no one telling you what’s right or wrong.

That being said, it’s never so cut and dry, is it? Life is full of complex scenarios and decisions that have multiple points to factor in. It would be perfect if I could just work on indie projects all-day, every-day, and not have any fiscal and financial responsibilities tied to them… but that’s not true, as I didn’t win the Powerball $1 billion lottery jackpot and so I’m not independently wealthy……………………..

So, I have to make decisions about what I will do and what I can do in light of my responsibilities as a financial provider for my wife and two kids. That is tough (but all good decisions are tough, aren’t they?).

Oh, and thanks to the Wiselike team for featuring me this week!


I had a huge increase of questions thrown at me and I have to spend this weekend answering them all!