The stereotypes that we learn, that we develop, that we create in our own heads are powerful and many of them… perhaps most of them are unconscious and unbeknownst to us.

But they inform our decisions, they impact the very things that we do and also the very things that we say. They bias us to head in specific directions or to keep us planted, firmly, where we are.

YouTube trolls…

I’ve encountered trolls of all shapes and sizes and most of them provide great entertainment. I don’t even mind them so much these days. They are just out there, sharing their thoughts as candidly as they can, whenever they can.

It’s just sad, still, to see it in action. The bias and the shortsightedness of the comments are a visible signal of something much more deep and dysfunctional than they perhaps even know themselves, which, in turn, may be limiting their opportunities to grow and succeed.

That, of course, is even sadder still.

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