Unbelievably Easy

The beautiful thing about technology is that it makes difficult things easy.

In other words, technology allows us to take complex solutions to complex problems and makes the solutions easier to use and leverage.

It doesn’t take half-a-second to appreciate this in one’s own life as there are hundreds… maybe thousands of things that we do daily that were once impossible.

Even now, as I stare at this writing interface, I think of how, at one point, not long ago, doing exactly what I’m doing right now was very, very difficult.

The bar keeps getting lower, and lower, and lower… and this is a good thing, in general.

I was reminded of this with the recent news of YouTube’s new feature that they are rolling out that allows anyone to livestream right from their desktop… without an encoder.

Livestreaming was, until yesterday, pretty cumbersome and required a little technical know-how. Now, all you need to do is visit this URL (http://youtube.com/webcam) and you can livestream in just a few clicks… 2 to 3 clicks, to be exact.

That’s unbelievably easy compared to setting up an encoder and walking through the process of getting a livestream activated and working.

Technology makes things easier… and, of course, this changes everything.