The Great Unbundling


One of the biggest pieces of news coming down the pipe for version 2.0 is that I’m “unbundling” the app into 3 different products.

Actually, to be honest, this isn’t entirely 100% accurate as I’ll keep and maintain the original product (instead of stripping it down) and introduce 2 different versions for users to consider.

So I’ll now have these three:

  • Desk PM – The “original” product (with all new features for v2.0!)
  • Desk MD – The first ever Markdown-only writing and blog publishing app
  • Desk NT – A trimmed down Note Taking app

Here are the new icon design (colors):




I’m doing this to provide optionality for the customer to purchase the product that’s right for their needs. I’ll be reducing the price on the original as well, which is a big deal as I’ve historically said that I would really never do that… well, I’m going to back-track on that comment and give it a try. I think about Coding Horror’s quote:

Strong opinions, weakly held.

And the reality that…

Everything in software is so new and so frequently being reinvented that almost nobody really knows what they are doing. It is amateurs who make all the progress.

So, the reality is that I’m as much as an amateur as many of you and I’m still trying to figure this thing out as I build and launch products and attempt to form some semblance of what some people might consider a “business” (although that’s a funny word for all of this to me).

I’ll continue to share my thoughts around these changes as we get closer to launch.