There is a growing tension that I have become more aware of that I’m not entirely sure what to do with. It’s like that itch in the back of your throat that you can’t quite seem to reach but you viscerally feel and is annoying as hell.

After spending the weekend with my lovely parents in a last-minute travel changeup I found myself chatting with my parents over BBQ about the changes that have happened over the years and a variety of perspectives that have dramatically shifted (for the better).

When I left I encapsultated the tension I felt in this idea:

The more comfortable I become with who I am the more uncomfortable the world becomes with that person.

I imagine that many of us have experienced this real challenge and I wonder what many of you have done to combat it or at least actively engage with it wisely.

The world, it seems, is at constant battle with those that reject the status quo, those that actively see the world in a very different way than the supposed norm. It makes every effort to get the individaual to “fall in line” and lock-step with what is known, acceptable, and generally understood.

Those that rise above the din of mediocrity are assailed for their apparent arrogance and self-righteous behavior; how dare they attempt to become someone other than what the world has demanded that they be!

Consequently, the road of a creative individual can be a very lonely one, no less riddled with potholes of tragedy than every other human but perhaps a bit more pronounced. We feel more deeply and ask the hard questions that no one else seems to ask.

The world is becoming a much more uncomfortable place, one that does not hold much peace or tranquility for the active mind bent at becoming unbridled. And the world will inevitable respond to this sleight, this act of defiance, this disruption.

I hope I can continue to overcome.