Unlikely Combinations

Some of the more clever ideas that can achieve outsized results (per the amount of work put in) is simply combining unlikely elements into a new-ish frame. This can be a quick way to differentiate yourself (and your project) from the crowd.

There’s no better time than now, especially since we have a fresh restart as a company. Consequently, as I’ve (re)booted up a number of communication channels, I’ve combined a few non-obvious things that I hope make it feel fresh.

For instance, how many early-stage startups have an active YouTube channel being directly managed by the CEO? Can you tell me of a few that you subscribe to?

Exactly — not that many (if many at all).

Now, I won’t lie: I know a handful of them but that’s only because I’ve been looking out for them for a few years, ever since I started vlogging back in early-2016.

So, what are the exact “ingredients” to this unlikely combo? Here:

  1. Early-stage, venture-backed technology startup
  2. Software-as-a-Service product
  3. YouTube channel
  4. Managed directly and actively by the CEO

The point is that the combination of these 4 elements is unusual and that might be just enough to be interesting enough to warrant people’s valuable attention.

Or not. Unlikely combinations do not guarantee results, but, in a world where differentiation is both extremely hard and exceptionally rare… it’s worth considering and even making an attempt.

So, that’s what I’m doing:

The first episode.