Unpack It

I once heard someone say that it is not possible to fully repress anything so as to avoid engaging and encountering any emotional unpleasantries that they do not want to face.

Shades of avoidance, perhaps.

Rather, people simply do not take the adequate and necessary time to fully appreciate the experience, to really unpack it, so that they can truly understand the raw materials and elements so that one can heal, recover, or just move on.

I wonder about all of the things that I have failed to historically unpack and how I could have avoided much pain and suffering if I had only taken the time.

That’s it; time! Time. There isn’t enough of it to go around. So, selectively choosing what to unpack and when and how and for how long is necessary and important. How does one choose what to unpack and what to ignore?

Honestly… I have no idea.