What to Do When You’re Unsure of What to Do

This happens to me at least once a day. Yes. Every. Single. Day.

There comes a time where I find myself literally standing at my desk and thinking to myself (sometimes aloud):

What am I supposed to be doing with myself right now?

Me, myself, and I

Now, usually I’m thinking about the next task on the never-ending list of things to do but occasionally it’s a much more existential one—perhaps I’m thinking about bigger and more important topics related to my job, my work, and my vocation.

Typically it’s the former, not the latter.

When I’m unsure of what I should do next I’ve simply made it a habit to work on the very next thing that pops into my head. Really, it’s that simple. In fact, this is how this blog post got written.

As you know, I have been publishing daily content since 2001 and I have no plans on stopping. I know that I must do this at least once a day. Every single day.So, regardless of the mountains of work that I have, I know that I will eventually and inevitably find myself at my current iteration of my desk, banging furiously on a keyboard as I struggle to convert ideas into cogent thoughts into words that make sense on digital paper.

And that’s what I did: Just a few moments ago I found myself in that exact predicament. The very next thing I thought was:

I need to write and publish a daily blog post.

Me, myself, and I

So, I booted up my drafting table and started banging out this blog post. Now, I’ll hit publish after I find a decent picture for the featured image at the top.

… a few seconds later, I found one. I have no idea why a sled that was covered in snow is the one that “made sense” for this post, but, so be it! I’m going to hit the publish button now.

And that’s what I do when I’m unsure of what I should do. I just do.