Desk is Here!

Desk… is finally here!



5 Things You Must Do!

Simple enough, right?

  1. Download it!
  2. Rate and Review it (thanks so much for this as this is super-important)!
  3. Share it with everyone you know (use this link if you can:!
  4. Sign Up for the Newsletter (we’ll build some community here)!
  5. Get a limited edition die-cut sticker (they are going to go fast)!

You can also download the Press Kit if you’d like and use those to create your own collateral art and more (love to see those, btw).

I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

Thank You So, So Much

It’s been a long, long journey and this launch in particular is very personal and very emotional. It’s been a hard year for me and my family and we’ve done somewhat of a “reset” on our lives in 2014. It’s hard to explain easily or fully but this project was one of the big things that I had committed to seeing through and not giving up on. I believe that not giving up was the biggest lesson that I’ve learned in this last season of life.

I didn’t do it alone though as I’ve had some of those few-and-far-between “constants” in my life; friends and family (my wife especially) that were in my side of the court the entire time.

And the entire Pressgram Team stuck around and supported me through the entire process (thanks to Demian, Jacob, Michael, Joshua, and Zoe!) and I had nearly 60 Alpha/Beta testers that put the app through the ringer over the last few months – you guys rock! Finally, my core team @ The Iron Yard allowed me to spend time on the app during my “off hours” knowing that I had made a commitment and was going to see it through. Thanks for allowing me to pursue my passion.

Again, I didn’t do this alone. Does anyone ever, truly, do something like this alone (and why would you want to?).

Onward and upward! I couldn’t have done it without you!