v1.0: Waiting for Review

A huge milestone was reached earlier today as I finalized the binary and submitted version 1.0 to the Mac App Store for review!

I couldn’t be more happy and relieved that I’m at this point and ready to get it into the hands of users.


Of course, it’ll probably be a week at least for the initial review and hopefully it won’t have many issues (if any). So far, none of the initial submissions have ever gone through perfectly the first time through, but, that means there is always room for a “first”…!

Here are some of the screenshots that I’m using for version 1.0:





To be honest, I didn’t have really many more screens to share, so I created a final 5th screenshot of something else (you’re allowed up to 5 screenshots in total):


As an indie developer I super-appreciate the support of the community, users, and fans; it means a ton to me that people out there love to support me and many, many others.

If anything, my goal has always been to help others find their “place” in the software world, share my experience, and give as much as I can away so that others can find their own success.

I really love what I get to do and I am so blessed to be in this industry. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.