Two Super-Cool Features in v1.2


A lot of fixes, of course (and you can read a list here), but there are two significant features that have been shipped that I don’t want you to miss.

The first is much more obvious:


There are now new visual themes that can help you customize your writing experience a little more deeply and a little more personally. Choose from an assortment of fonts, sizes, and even column widths which is especially useful for large-screen monitors and screen resolutions (looking at you iMac users!).

I’m using Avenir Next with a Medium font treatment and Medium column width, if you were curious, with the Night Mode turned on:

my-view my-view-2

What are you using?

Secondly, and perhaps just as important, there is now a dedicated writing experience as it relates to WYSIWYG and Markdown. What this means is that you will choose one of those writing styles (or “modes”) and then go at it.

3-Desk-App-Screenshot-WYSIWYG 4-Desk-App-Screenshot-Markdown

Previously, you could use both modes at the same time but this created too much confusion for many users and didn’t allow me to optimize these environments as easily.

So, technically-speaking, by splitting them up I can create more robust experiences for the users which means that more advanced Markdown syntax and flavors is now possible. I’m very excited about this particular feature and am very excited about v1.3 and v1.4 already.

Thanks you so much for your patience and your support as I continue to iterate on this product every single day. Literally. It gives me a lot of joy and personal satisfaction that many of you have trusted me with my stewardship over this project and believe that I’m going to continue to make it better. I hope I am proving your trust to be right.

If you have a moment, leaving a Rating and Review about this new version would go a super-long way. Thanks so much – onward and upward!