Epic List of v2.0 Marketing Screenshots


Per the usual, I have to develop new marketing collateral for the App Store as well as for other press-related opportunities. I’ve created a pretty comprehensive round of images, as you can see below.

I’m hoping that the new v2.0 can breathe some new life into the app as well as my own personal spirits. To be honest, I’ve been struggling to get “back in” after such a long break and it’s just the nature of the beast, I suppose.

Creative work is tough because, well, it requires creativity and creativity is oftentimes all that you are. I hope that you’re wrestling to the ground your challenges every single day and that you’re executing on the things that give you life.

(These are not final by the way, just works in progress.)

desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-1 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-2 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-3 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-4 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-5 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-6 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-7 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-8 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-9 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-10 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-11 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-12 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-13 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-14 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-15 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-16 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-17 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-18 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-19 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-20 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-21 desk-v2-new-marketing-screenshots-22