v2.0 Feature, Update List


A little over a month ago I listed out the features and updates that I was planning on updating for version 2.0 and at the time I was considering it a v1.5 instead. But, that clearly isn’t the plan anymore with some really big things coming down the pipe.

So, here’s the final updated list of what you can expect in this super-big update:

  1. There will be multiple versions of the app available for purchase. You can read more here about this “unbundling” (and I’ll provide more information too in the near future).
  2. Huge visual redesign that brings the app closer to an OS X Yosemite native look and feel. I’ve been sharing screenshots for a while but you can get a comprehensive look here at the marketing screenshots I’ve built.
  3. New font sizes for a bit more customization.
  4. Import and export of .txt and .md files.
  5. Updates to commands and shortcuts, like CMD+F and the “Find” menu.
  6. Markdown syntax highlighting
  7. Markdown keyboard commands, shortcuts.
  8. Evernote integration!
  9. Removal of Typepad and Movable Type.
  10. General smaller fixes, bug squashing, and anything related to the “grind“…

I hope to submit this week…! It’s been a “heads-down” type of week last week so I didn’t get to blog as much as I typically do. I feel like that’s okay, but, I want to get back to updating you, especially with the big changes in the wind!