On Sale! Desk v2.0, MD, and NT!

Welp, this is it folks! I’ve successfully shipped version 2.0 of Desk PM as well as versions 1.0 of both MD (Markdown) and NT (Notetaking)! I couldn’t be more relieved and excited to get this update out and into the community’s hands!

As I retrospect very briefly on how I got here I’ll be honest, it does get a bit emotional. This is the road least traveled and the indie road isn’t something that’s laden with flowers, butterflies, and rainbows. It’s lonely, can be downright depressing, and it’s a ton of hard work with zero promise of a return or reward.

Of course, that’s not why we start building stuff to begin with, but, many of those positive things can help reinforce and support and encourage us along the way. This started out as a labor of love and the last few months have been nothing short of that original glory.

My hope is that all 3 versions of Desk can simply find a home where they need to be. I’ve redone the marketing and landing page to put this new direction front and center:


It might be confusing at first but I promise it’s not! You can, of course, ping me via Twitter (@DeskPM) if you have any questions! I’d love to answer them.

There are three significant pieces of news related to this big launch that I’d love to call out specifically:

  1. Evernote Integration (PM and MD)! I’m excited to see how many users really use this connection point!
  2. Permanently reduced price of original app (PM) to $19.99! Oh yeah.
  3. Overhauled design for the latest OS X version (El Capitan) due to drop soon!

Again, thanks for all of your support and continued well-wishes! You all are the very best and help keep me stoked about doing this year after year.

Have a great one folks! I’ll talk soon.