Download My Previous Personal Landing Page v4


As I have done many times in the past I’m releasing my previous personal branding and landing page for your own use:

  • Preview it live here.
  • Download it here.

I’d appreciate it if you left the “Landing Page via v4” on the right side. There’s no obligation of course as you can do whatever you’d like with it.

This previous version was the most asked about version that I’ve had to date – I’ve gotten requests every week about if someone could use it for their own. Well, now that’s very possible.


The new one at features the following:

  • Responsive design via Bootstrap. My theme, Standard 3, uses Bootstrap and the more I use it the more I like it.
  • A much more simple presentation. They seem to get more and more simple every single version. Go figure.
  • I removed Google Plus as a link – although I don’t mind the service it’s not a focus of mine.
  • I added my new role as Editor of WP Daily – I couldn’t be more stoked about this blog!
  • The photo I used is from my great friend Esther Havens!

And that’s really why I choose to update it – every single time I start something new my life shifts dramatically and I feel as if I’m in an entirely different place. These changes ultimately impact my personal brand and I feel compelled to change things up.

I hope you value your own personal brand online and what it means for you, your platform, your influence, and leadership.

If you need any review please see my blog series on Personal Branding – it’ll change your life. I also have other free templates to download as well.