On Vanity URLs

One of my vanity URLs was up for renewal a few months ago and I had to give it some thought as to whether or not I wanted to keep it (and continuing to pay for it).

👉🏼 http://john.show

Vanity URLs, as far as I can tell, have come in and out of vogue over the many years – I read blog posts every few months or so that communicate the gist that vanity URLs are “all the rage” and then a few months later here other folks say that vanity URLs are “no longer necessary” in today’s SEO’d world.

But, both camps miss what I believe to be the most important reason I have one: Memorability.

And, I don’t mean being easy-to-remember for other folks, what I mean specifically is that it’s easy for me to remember.

The reason I keep domains like http://john.show (and even http://john.do) is so that I can easily link them up in content pieces that I write or that I have to link around the web.

I mean, especially for http://john.show, which redirects to this nastiness: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2XLToayvMrFraZZpIMbZw?sub_confirmation=1.

Obviously, I can’t remember that (and no one should), but I can easily remember the former and when I need to add a link to my personal vlog I can do that very quickly:

A quick .gif!

And since I do a lot of writing (here and there…) this is worth the $39.00 per year for me. And that’s why I continue to pay for it.

As always, most of the digital and technical decisions that I make are, first and foremost, for myself – the singular reason I write is based upon this principle.

Go figure.