The Best VC (Venture Capital) Podcast: VC Hunting

The beautiful thing about the podcasting industry, at large, is the fact that it’s generally untapped. In other words, there’s a ton of opportunity out there for motivated folks to build the very business that they’ve always wanted to have!

I mean, how would you like to build a million dollar business by yourself without ever having to leave your house and without the need of a single full-time employee?

For some folks, that sounds like paradise. For others, it sounds like a nightmare. Perhaps, it’s probably a bit of both at times. Shoot, I’ve considered it for years… decades even!

In fact, take a look at this:

An old podcast from 2012!

I booted up a podcast for one of my previous startups back in 2012 — we did one full season, 10 episodes in total. It was a blast! I just wished that I had kept it going (can you even imagine…!?).

The story of my life…

I saw the potential then and I see the potential now — which is why I’m really excited to share what I believe to be the (inevitable) best podcast in the venture capital industry: VCHunting, a new show that’s highlighting the inner workings of the venture capital underbelly.

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I love how, in particular, Pete is focusing on how the “sausage really gets made” and is already highlighting real (i.e. better and more authentic) stories from friends and partners that I’ve never heard about (go figure)!

I’m also excited about this particular type of show because so much of the VC world is opaque and it doesn’t have to be that way — part of it was just by-design while the vast majority has been manufactured as leverage; these walls are quickly being torn down.

Here are three interviews from the 1st Season that include folks that are my own investors with my current company:

Good times.