Desk New Feature Overview Video for v1.3

I spent some time yesterday putting together a new overview video for version 1.3. I had realized, a few weeks ago, that I hadn’t updated the overview video since version 1.0!


This meant that people were watching a video that really didn’t represent the current state of the app and it was missing a number of core features. So embarrassing.

But, perhaps even more sad is the fact that I may have lost sales due to the discrepancy. That kinda hurts, I won’t lie.

The challenge of keeping all of these elements updated consistently is really tough. There are 1,000 things you know you should be paying attention to but that you simply cannot do regularly. This is one of the obvious downsides of independent development where you are everything on the project.

A team would alleviate a lot of these natural challenges but also introduce complexity as well, so it’s not without some potential drawbacks. Notwithstanding the obvious operational overhead increase it can be a difficult decision to make.

In any case, I’m glad to have gotten it “updated” – this particular version is an honest walk-through of the app and I spend a bit of time explaining a bit more about the app.

The thing about this particular version is that it isn’t perfect. I mess up a few times and stutter here and there. I probably even say a few things poorly (or not with the intended effect). I’m okay with that (at least for now) and feel like I setup the right expectation when the video starts:

This is going to a bit longer of a product overview video and that’s because I want to spend some time chatting with you about it.

Hopefully that will get people’s head and mind right and also get to listen to me walk through it. Thoughts?

I’m looking at doing a more “pro” version of a product overview video as well but that might take a bit of time to put together.