Video: The Next App

I really enjoyed this perspective – it’s one that I hadn’t really thought of as clearly as he’s presented:

Give it a listen.

This is the kicker: It’s true as it is way easier, cheaper, and faster to just make videos about a certain topic instead of making a full-blown native application, especially when it comes to educating folks.

Why spend literally 1,000’s of hours building something from scratch to… teach someone about X, Y, or Z when you can take your smartphone out of your pocket and then talk through the topic or even video capture your screen (notebook computer or even your phone’s screen) for someone?

Unbelievable opportunity for folks who totally grok the opportunity. The video format is perfect for education and it’s not just a substitute for building software, it’s a full-blown replacement (and can be even better and more effective).

It’s so obvious now that I think about it…

… now, what to do with this new information… 🤔

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