Desk Video Overview

I thought this was worth sharing because it’s so well done (better than I could have put together, to be honest).

Thanks DigitalDojos for the support! Here are their thoughts via their companion post:

The Desk app is a publishing tool for OS X that focuses on simplicity & productivity. Allowing you to get on with what matters “writing”.

Desk’s publishing client provides a super minimal window into your work while maintaining all the great tools you need. WYSIWYG editor, media integration, markdown support and much more. Allowing the user to publish to platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Typepad, Squarespace, Moveable and more to come.

I’ve had the great privilege of not only using the amazing application but to also talk to indie developer behind the project. John Saddington developer of the Desk app, developed it out of his own necessity. Providing his community with up to date videos, blog post, and more at his beautiful site

Thanks for the great video overview!