Craft a Vision Statement for Your Blog

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Do you have a “Vision Statement” for your blog? Do you even have a “vision” for your blog? Do you know where your blog (and you) are headed? Does your community know where it’s headed and can they articulate it just as well as the voice in your own head?

These are just some of the questions that, when answered, can help you navigate more effectively toward your goals as a blogger.

Now I define a Vision Statement a little bit differently in the context of your blog – for me I define it as something that describes, with clarity, what your life will be like when your blog is at it’s full potential.

For example, as I share in the video, my personal vision statement for my blog goes something like this (you’ll find a lot of this in my About Page):

My blog will enable me to have more time with my family while providing a consistent and increasing level of income. It will enable me to enjoy life abundantly and share that joy with others. It will let me say, with confidence, that I have a “lifestyle win”!

What about you? Have you crafted a unique vision statement?

Why is This Important for Your Blog’s Content?

Unlike the previous blog posts that help you focus your content, explore and refine your strategy for executing on your expertise and unique value propositions, this helps you paint a picture of a large and attractive goal for yourself.

It’ll create guardrails for you as you continue to grow your blog and keep you heading in the right direction.

But perhaps just as important is that it’ll help orient your community as they walk and grow with you. I believe that the more your community understands your vision for your blog (and lifestyle) the more committed and interested and engaged they will be!

You do this for your community and for yourself! What a nice win-win situation!

How to Craft One

I’m not sure if I could give you many tips on how to craft an effective and compelling vision statement – I honestly believe that many already have one they have yet to actually explicitly stated it or shared it.

Many of us have dreams and goals of where we want to be and what role our blog plays in our future. For some their blog(s) are an important part of the future and their vision for a satisfying and rewarding lifestyle; for others it might be a much smaller part (but no less significant perhaps!).

The challenge is to craft a vision statement that specifically is engineered to your person and your goals as a person and individual in combination with your blog.

Dream a little. Stretch yourself a bit. Some would argue that most people dream far too small for their own good!

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series. Check out the other posts!]

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