Bike + San Francisco

I’ll let the VLOG do the talking here:

Show Notes #007

I woke up with an idea in mind and then by the time I was out the door it kind of escaped me. I imagine that this will happen a lot over the course of the next year and so I should probably just get used to the fact that there will be many days where I lack very little direction at all (and can’t seem to recover).

My only saving grace today was the fact that I took a bunch of video traveling to and from my meetings and the office, just enough to feel like there was a “story” in there (some how… some way…?).

If anything, I came away from this particular vlog with a real sense of documentation — I was documenting what it is like to bike around San Francisco. And today was a gorgeous day to capture downtown in its natural state and beauty, fresh from a few days of solid rain.

Near the end of the day I was tempted to throw something together, some pithy life lesson but it felt all disingenuous, so punting those ideas and just capturing the truth of what happened today was fine and a fitting end for the day.

The reality is that my day was completely full of important work as I continue to plan our strategy and points of execution toward launch. We’ve got a ways to go but we have to lay the groundwork today so that our company can be a success.

Every single day we march forward, as a team, to conquer significant technical challenges and it’s my job to begin to lay the framework for how we make sure all that technical genius gets into the market and into the right hands. I couldn’t be more excited.

I did end up finding that tool and when I’ve got a more complete build of my visual product and org roadmap I’ll share it here — it’ll be used to synchronize the team a bit more with the whole of the organization, not just engineering.