W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress Eats WP Super Cache’s Lunch!


Please check out this post on how to setup W3 Total Cache! Also, check out this post on setting up WP Super Cache!

I still love W3TC but have changed my usage and my installation settings.

***UPDATE Done***

I’m freaking loving this new caching plugin for WordPress: W3 Total Cache.

In fact, the thing pretty much annihilates WP Super Cache. I mean, there really is no comparison. After doing some significant A/B testing, W3 Total Cache ate WP Super’s lunch.

Although you can read pretty much everything about the plugin and it’s vast advantages on the plugin page, here’s one of the biggest ones for me: Amazon S3 integration.

I’ve essentially been able to trade 2 plugins for 1: Amazon S3 Plugin and WP Super Cache are now replaced by W3 Total Cache.

For me that’s huge because I want the fastest loading blogs ever created (plugins create “bloat” and can typically slow down a blog).

But it’s not just a 1-for-2 sale, W3 Total Cache ups the bar with Memcache use:

Love it.

So far I’m super impressed and I can honestly say that I’m not going back. Here are some other great reads if you’re interested in considering the switch. Please note that a lot of reviews have been posted early in the plugins life; it’s now a much more mature product.

But, don’t take my word for it. Give it a spin and see for yourself.