Never Send Another Insecure W-9 Form Again

If you’re like me then you’ve done a ton of contracting work over the years as well as hired just as many 1099 contractors.

At one point in my life I did this full-time and offered my engineering skills for hire and building teams to complete projects.

In the past few years though I’ve spent more time doing strategic and high-level consulting, as well as 1:1 coaching which has been incredibly satisfying and fiscally rewarding.

Consequently, every single time I did more than $600 of work for these companies they’d ask me for a IRS W-9 Form.

The requests became so consistent that I eventually saved a copy of the W9 Form on my local drive so whenever I got a request I could just send it over. This, of course, wasn’t exactly secure.

On the flip-side, when hiring contractors to complete small tasks or build out the teams that I wanted to work with to finish out larger projects, I’d have to send out W-9’s to these folks just as insecurely.

And then, naturally, managing those and keeping those some place safe for tax season and accounting was a mess too. To be honest, I just assumed that this was the “price” of doing business and that I’d have to grin and bear it.

That makes no sense…

This is the funniest stock photo that I could find... Amazing.

This is the funniest stock photo ever.

Well, I’m finally putting together a simple app that completely solves this problem, once and for all. In gist, it will do the following:

  • For Contractors: Send IRS W-9 Forms securely, no more insecure emails!
  • For Business Owners: Request W-9 Forms and manage them all with a single admin and dashboard.

We’re putting the finishing touches on it right now so sign-up for our BETA release here (or below):

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