Cliff Jumping in Waimea Bay, O’ahu

I was able capture some special footage with my GoPro HERO7 Black and I’ve continued to enjoy the process of creating films with my new hardware:

Unfortunately, the audio was borked because of some water that got caught into the cage and so I decided to create a small “music video” instead.

But here’s the most interesting (and more important) thing: As a consequence of the poor audio, I decided to rethink how I build my movies, especially as it pertains to audio quality, engineering, and the software that I need to put these things together.

Long story short, I decided to experiment with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and over the course of my vacation I have essentially taught myself the very, very basics.

I had no idea that film studios use this app! Wow!

7 or 8 hours later, I was able to put together what you see above and I’m happy with the results.

To an expert (and definitely more experienced person), my work isn’t very good nor is it complex – I’ve removed parts of the audio tracks left-over from the GoPro, added a soundtrack, sped up a few parts and added a few titling effects and the like.

Then I learned how to export the film with the right settings (or as far as I can tell, the “right” settings…) and even had my first-ever excruciating failure where the app blew up on me and I lost a significant part of my work.

Along the way I realized something very exciting: I was teaching myself another skill and I remembered, viscerally, how much I enjoy the process of learning something new, especially something extremely foreign and far outside my natural and stronger wheelhouse.

I have a lot to learn…

This is what a real vacation is all about, at least for me.

A restful and rejuvenating vacation is about allowing my mind to wander and my hands to work on different things in a relatively stress-free environment. It allows me to expand my experience and my knowledgebase without fear of failure. It allows me to grow.

And, of course, a “vacation” doesn’t have to be to some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – it could be right in your own home.

I’m excited about this new tool because I believe it will fundamentally change the way I create the videos for my vlog, especially in the areas of audio, which is definitely the least optimized part (i.e. I don’t do any audio engineering) of the experience.

Here’s to learning new things.