Mac OS X: Wake and Sleep Settings…

Have you ever taken a look at the “Wake and Sleep” settings under “Schedule” in the Energy Saver area of your preferences?

I just encountered it and I’ve seriously contemplated using it to normalize my engagement with my notebook computer…


I, like many of you, have a pretty significant relationship with my devices. Like, embarrassingly-so; possibly cringe-worthy.

And although you and I both know that life is much, much more than the aggregate and sum-total of our online experiences and encounters we often default to it instead of move out and seriously do some AFK-activity.

Consequently, many of us have reverted (or “converted”…?) to a more analog lifestyle creating boundaries around our busyness, as I like to say. Some of us are successful and some of us are, well, something very distant from “successful” if we’re to be honest with ourselves.

The goal isn’t to find the perfect balance as I’m not sure I believe in balance, the goal is to continue to refine our approach to technology and create momentum into the areas of personal (and professional) growth that so desperately desire.

Becoming a better version of yourself is admirable and typical. Sometimes it starts with just simply becoming more informed about the opportunities that are natively present and right within your grasp.