Walk the City

I walked south for a bit out of Dogpatch and found the Caltrain line:

It was quite a journey. You find such random things and you can talk to incredible people who have found a way to survive.

If you want to get to know a city — really — you must walk it. There’s no substitute.

I told this to someone random a few weeks ago and I’ve since repeated it many, many times; it’s as if I’m (re)learning the city for anew — I feel as if I actually have time to explore, to see what San Francisco has to offer, and the secrets she has for those that look and observe and see.

I even walked through a bunch of very long tunnels:

So dark. So scary.

In one of them a Caltrain actually passed me and it was like a hurricane inside the tunnel — I can’t imagine that that was particularly smart or safe, but, I had plenty of room. I wonder if I broke any laws today by walking the tracks.

Trains are so cool.

There’s so much that we miss because we’re all so busy. It would be sad to miss all this action because we’re so obsessed with tomorrow.

A wonderful morning and then I relaxed the rest of the afternoon:

Simple living.

This is… a “view” but it’s not nearly as satisfying as this one:

I need to get back soon.