Wally’s Inappropriate Attire

I think I laughed too hard at this (and for too long):

via Dilbert

via Dilbert

Perhaps more introspectively I began to think of how many times we all have done things in order to get our own way at work (or in our professional environments).

Sometimes we’ll go pretty far to create comfortable and safe and engaging environments for ourselves, even at the cost of a little self-humiliation.

At this point in my career I am more comfortable than I ever have been with the way that I work and the way that I get stuff done. It may not look “normal” and it may not always makes sense but things get done and value is created.

I think that we’re all trying to either create or find those types of environments. I think there’s a direct relationship between the amount of energy spent on building a safe and engaging environment and the level of productivity with your team and staff.

Things like this just don’t happen, you have to intentionally and explicitly invest in them. Which is true for most things that matter.