I imagine that this issue is something that many of us have experienced. In fact, perhaps some of us are dealing with something like this right now:

via Dilbert

I’ve worked with (and hired) folks from every walk of life and many who seem to have possessed opinions and world views that were varied and different than mine.

I won’t lie, some of those perspectives were generally offensive and even “abhorrent” at times, but, it was important that we had a diverse workforce that continued to operate despite our many differences.

I also won’t lie and tell you that it was easy to stomach. But, in retrospect I’m glad we hired those folks and I’m glad that my team was open enough to consider diversifying our team regardless of political leanings.

I consider it a challenge, now, and a good one; if our shared mission as a company isn’t strong enough to overcome our differences than we probably don’t have a problem worthy enough to be solved or tackled.

I suppose that’s a good measuring stick. The larger the problem the more committed you need to be to hiring a diverse team so you can create a unique solution that can encapsulate the size.

If the problem is a small one, well, you can hire just about anyone for that, can’t you?

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