Washing Dishes

This was a fun interview (where the hell is my shirt)! I don’t do these often but for folks within my community I will do almost anything.

The folks over at Replayed are some of the best at what they do and they help me with a ton of the video production that you’ll see on the YouTubes, one and the two — so I personally know the quality of “the goods” and I really like their very simple, streamlined process!

I even have a private room where we can connect and chat over the production in YEN:

The metaplatform… so versatile!

One of the more fun things that I noted while I was watching myself was the levity that I remember experiencing during the interview; I was having fun and, for the first time in a long time, felt relaxed in that type of context.

I do not like performing and I’m at a place in my life where I do not have to do that anymore. There is no one that I need to impress and I’m not seeking or need anyone else’s approval for who I am and how I behave.

It’s just… me. And, I’m kind of in love with me. Not in that weird way, but, self-love has been hard to obtain or achieve in my life and I’m as-close as I’ve ever been.

I’m going to keep leaning in.

I’ve been washing dishes my entire life and I actually love doing them because it’s a mindless chore and I get something important done while thinking about stuff. Put on a little music and I’m in heaven.

Feels like work but it isn’t.

Here’s one of the vidz that Replayed just finished for me! I had one “take” and it was shit and they make it all magical: