Image Meta Data and Watermarking


Been working on the meta data portion of the app and you’ll be glad to know that there’s already some great work done by others (such as this via CodeCropper) that will help me investigate completely what it’ll take to make sure that meta data integrity is held throughout the application.

What you see above are the meta data that is actually grabbed through the device itself. Pretty neat, right? Making sure that this transfers through to the blog post and through publishing is my next investigation.

Also, I’m looking into watermarking the images with your Pressgram username – how about that? Something as simple as putting your username on the bottom right corner of each image. A toggle on/off switch in your admin settings would do the trick.

Let me know your thoughts on both the captured meta data as well as the watermarking!

Please note that both of these features increase my timeline and the amount of work in my current product roadmap and scope. I haven’t landed completely yet if I’ll be able to slot these in for v1.0, but I’m thinking about it.